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7th Easter Festival 2018

Our Easter Festival will take place
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
March 30, 31 and April 1, 2018
Email for Special Discount pricing if Fee is paid in Full!

March 30 to April 1, 2018
Event Hours:
Friday March 30 from 5-9pm
Saturday March 31 from 1-9pm
Sunday April 1 from 1-9pm
Event location:
The Family Resource Center of the Tri-Cities
508 E. 1st Ave Kennewick WA 99336
Close to the corner of 1st and Gum st.
Parking/Entrance FREE
Bus: Benton Franklin Transit Route 41
use the stop on the Corner of 3rd & Date st

For Vendor Questions please email
Vendor Deadline March 20, 2018

Vendor Rules & Regulations For our Easter Festival and Spring Break Fun


ALCOHOL POLICY No alcoholic beverages period!

COMPLIANCE & ENFORCEMENT FRC reserves the absolute right to regulate conduct, restrict all activities, and restrict the possession of all items, at its sole discretion. FRC reserves the absolute right to remove all persons from 7th Annual Easter Festival for failure to abide by all rules and regulations specifically set forth herein, or, instructions issued from time to time by FRC, its employees, board members, volunteers and/or designated agents. Furthermore, in the event of a possible violation of the laws of the State of Washington FRC reserves the right to detain persons suspected of such violations, until such persons can be turned over to the custody of local law enforcement personnel.

CONCESSION RESTRICTIONS-FOOD, SERVICES, LICENSING, ETC. FRC reserves the rights for all food, drink, notary/title services, videos, and souvenirs. Sale of food, water or beverages in vending space or elsewhere is prohibited.

DAMAGE, LOSS BY FIRE, THEFT OR OTHER CAUSE FRC assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss by fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever. Vendors and spectators use the facilities at their own risk and agree to indemnify and save harmless FRC, its agents and employees from any loss or liability including but not limited to costs of defense, arising from participation at events conducted by FRC and/or held at 7th Annual Easter Festival. Vendors will indemnify and save harmless FRC for any such loss or liability arising from conduct of any vendor toward another vendor or the public.

DISABLED GUEST SERVICES Disabled guests are welcome to enter with their own wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled electric convenience vehicles (ECV).

GENERATORS Generators may be safely operated between the hours of the event. The use of generators at any other time is strictly forbidden. Generators causing excessive noise or fumes are strictly prohibited. Generators that vent exhaust fumes directly into adjoining vendor spaces are strictly prohibited. Generators should be vented above vehicles and crowd.

HAULING MERCHANDISE • No Vendor will be allowed to haul any merchandise during the operating hours of the Event.

• Booth must be ready to go 30 minutes before the start time of the event.

• Any vendors who is not set-up in time might not be allowed to return for other days or events.

MERCHANDISE RESTRICTIONS The sale of guns, knives, martial arts weapons, etc. is prohibited. The sale of fireworks, ammunition, adult items and drug paraphernalia is explicitly prohibited.

NOISE RESTRICTIONS Radios, stereos, TVs, loudspeakers, etc., shall not be operated in such a manner as to disturb others.

PETS Pets are strongly discouraged to attend due to health and safety reasons.


RIGHT TO REJECT APPLICATION FOR SPACE RENTAL OR RENEWAL FRC reserves the right to reject application for space rental or renewal on the basis of unsatisfactory previous conduct, merchandise that does not fit within the scope of the event, or upon any other basis made in the sole determination and at the sole discretion of FRC. FRC also reserves the right to remove individuals who exhibit unsatisfactory behavior before, during and after an event.

SECURITY Security is provided for venue only. All event participants are responsible for all their own property, i.e., vehicles, parts, merchandise, etc.

SET-UP AND TEAR-DOWN Set-up is the day of your event date 4 hours prior. March 30-April 1 set up would be 12pm April 2-6pm set up would be 10am April 6-8 set up would be 10am The Vendor Services office will open Monday March 26-29 from 10am to 2pm at the Fairgrounds. Tear-Down All vendors are required to remain on grounds until 9 p.m. Failure to do so may result in loss of renewal rights at the sole discretion of FRC. If you are staying all 10 days, 3 days or 5 days please make sure to cover your booth space.

SPACE POLICY- OCCUPANCY, TRANSFER & SUBLEASING INTENT OF POLICY The intent of policies outlining the conditions for occupancy, transfer of vendor space and for subleasing of vendor spaces are provided as a means of preserving the integrity of the events. The continued quality and character of the shows produced by FRC can only be assured through effective management of the vendor base at the events and through safeguarding any and all privileges afforded to existing vendors, sponsors, as well as those rights of the Organization.

TRANSFER OF SPACE The transfer of space is NOT approved.

OCCUPANCY/SUBLEASING OF SPACE AND REFUND POLICY Vendors who cannot attend a show but wish to retain a good standing with FRC must notify FRC and FRC will attempt to rent those vending space(s) on a onetime rental basis, but no guarantee of space rental shall exist. The subleasing of space is not allowed.

TRANSPORTATION ON-GROUNDS Vendors will be allowed to use their personal transportation on-grounds only on set-up days.

TRASH REMOVAL Vendors will be charged for removal of trash that is not PICKED UP AND REMOVED. Trash bags are available at the Vendor Services Office.

VEHICLE VENDOR PARKING Any vehicle found illegally parked may be towed at owner’s expense; no paging will be done. All vendors as asked to park to the west of the parking lot. Please allow all Guest, Clients to park in the east parking lot. It’s the closet parking lot to the entrance.


I agree to provide FRC with a Basket or Raffle item with a value of $25 or Greater. The Items must be received at the office by March 20, 2018. I understand after turning in my raffle item if I can not attend the event for any reason my raffle item is property of FRC. I will work hand on hand with FRC to promo


I will work hand on hand with FRC to promote, share and invite my Friends and Family to this event. As the success of this event is important for all parties involved. I understand FRC will have flyers available at the office for me to pick up should I need some to hand out.

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  • We will only allow 12 Direct Sale Companies, 8-10 Hand crafters, 8 Non-Profits, and 30 Companies!
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