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The programs listed below are based on income.

 Please make sure you bring everything listed below for your appointment. 

If you are missing anything you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

If you miss any appointment, you will not be allowed to reschedule it.

Clothing Program

Our Clothing program is special. Families receive a Dollar amount added to their Voucher 

every 3 months. 

Example: a Family of 4 receives $75. 

If your total is $85 you pay the differences. Then in 3 months it goes back to $75. 

Families can access that voucher program in August, November, February and May. 

Families can also bring in bags of clothes in good condition and get extra money added to their Voucher. 

Clothes do need to be dropped either Friday/Saturday between 12-5pm and will take 2 weeks to be sorted and looked through. Make sure you let the cashier know you are dropping them off to add funds to your voucher. Make sure all bags have your name on them, so the credit is added to your account.  

Christmas Program

  Our Christmas program is designed for families who have children/adults with special needs. We make our program unique for each family. We try to accommodate each child/adult's request to the best of our ability. 

Families are given Gift cards, Food boxes, a Household box, Clothing vouchers and gifts for each child. All these items are based on funding availability. Family's needs to qualify to obtain this service. 

Families that have kids with special needs are encouraged to apply and will be given priority in all our programs.​

Food Bank​

Our food bank is open to everyone who is registered. Our next Open enrollment will be in JANUARY, June & October, space is limited.

Coat Program


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